Nagendra And Associates is full-service business advisory firm, offering professional services in Assurance, Tax Planning and Compliance, Business Consulting & Firm Consulting Services.  Whether you are a small business, big business, non-profit or an individual, we have you covered.

Regardless of the service offering, our “Service Delivery Promise” will play an essential role in your engagement.  As part of our “Service Delivery Promise” our Team of Accountants invest a significant amount of time in each engagement, from the beginning to the end, to ensure its success.  Our engagement teams are handpicked to guarantee the best fit for each client engagement, and we only utilize “experienced staff” on our engagements who are properly supervised and trained by experienced Peers, which means we do not expect our clients to supervise and train our staff; that is our job and we take pride in our ability to do it well.

We will communicate with you on each and every step throughout the process to make sure you are well informed of our status and to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the engagement.  Communication is a two-way process, so we welcome your phone calls, emails and personal visits anytime.

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